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Welcome to Platforma knjiga, Montenegro's premier online bookstore. Our dedication is to bring the rich and diverse world of Montenegrin books right to your digital doorstep. Here's a closer look at what defines us:

Who We Are

At Platforma knjiga, we take immense pride in our role as Montenegro's first specialized online bookstore. We've curated a vast collection of books that span various genres, all crafted by a multitude of authors and published by numerous publishing houses. Our books are not only engaging but also essential for readers within Montenegro, the wider region, and for our fellow citizens living abroad. We've gathered these treasures in one accessible place, allowing you to easily order and receive them, no matter where you are in the world.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to serve as a unifying force among Montenegrin publishers, offering a comprehensive view of domestic publishing in a single, convenient location. In a landscape where the physical bookstore network is underdeveloped, valuable books often go unnoticed by readers. Works by domestic authors, translated contemporary literature, as well as theoretical and professional texts frequently remain in the shadows, with limited information available to the general public. We're on a mission to make this wealth of domestic publishing available to a wider audience.

Nurturing Hidden Treasures

Market dynamics can often pose challenges for small publishers, with important publications, such as rare translations and cultural studies, struggling to find their way to physical bookstore shelves. We understand the frustration of searching for specific books and dealing with the uncertainty of publication placement. On our platform, readers can effortlessly discover and purchase these often-overlooked gems. We bridge the gap between readers and books, and we're continually expanding our offerings to include editions from the wider region.

A Safe Haven for Books

In a world where commercial materials and school supplies often take precedence in physical bookstores, we've created a protected space for books on our platform. Here, books take center stage.

The Book as a Cultural Product

At Platforma knjiga, we hold a profound belief that books are cultural products with the power to influence society. We understand that the availability of books is pivotal in spreading cultural influence. Our website,, is thoughtfully designed to provide a seamless book-buying experience with user-friendly navigation. Customers, once registered, can access order and payment information swiftly. Subscribing to our newsletter ensures you receive regular updates about new releases and promotions.

We offer a reliable shopping experience and provide fast, secure delivery services. In addition to professional books, fiction, and literary magazines from Montenegro, our collection includes musical literature, sheet music, and a special gift program designed for book lovers.

Our Vision for the Future

Our future plans include enabling the sale of antique and second-hand editions, as well as facilitating the purchase of books from abroad that are not readily available in Montenegro. The journey ahead is an exciting one as we continue to promote Montenegrin literature and nurture the love of books.

Platforma knjiga, LLC - Your Trusted Online Bookstore

Book platform

The Platform's primary mission is to unify the offers of all Montenegrin publishers and provide an overview of domestic publishing in one convenient location.


Due to a poorly developed bookstore network, many valuable books go unnoticed by readers. The works of domestic authors, translated contemporary literature, as well as theoretical and professional literature often remain in the shadows, and information about them is typically limited to a small circle of professionals. Our goal is to make this wealth of domestic publishing available to a wider audience.


Market mechanisms have created challenges for small publishers, and important publications - such as rare translations or useful cultural studies - often struggle to find their way to bookstore shelves. We've experienced the frustration of trying to find specific books and navigating the often uncertain placement of publications. On our platform, readers can find and purchase these books with ease. We serve as an intermediary between readers and books, and we plan to expand our offerings to include editions from the wider region.


Commercial materials and school supplies can push books out of physical bookstores, but on our PLATFORM, books have their own protected space.

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